Optimize engagement with an intelligent career site.

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This is the center of your recruitment strategy — a branded career site that gets smarter with each candidate interaction, using data-driven insights to personalize content and automate marketing strategies. Manage your site content with the capability to edit and publish new pages with our CMS feature. Leverage the connected intelligence of the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud to deliver a dynamic, branded job search experience that creates connections that count.

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Job Recommendations

Display relevant jobs based on previous browsing behavior, advanced job search functionality, job skills matching and recently viewed or saved jobs functionality.

Optimal Exposure

Maximize visibility of your company and open positions with automated SEO, remarketing ad tech, social sharing tools and expansive content deployment that drives engagement.

Candidate Quality

Drive more qualified internal or external candidates by communicating key decision factors, such as skills needed to be successful in a role and company culture – with advanced job descriptions, an internal mobility site and integrated content.

Data-Driven Insights

Apply industry benchmarks, proven best practices and automation to deliver personalized site content and inform marketing communications based on user behavior, location and job category of interest.

Global Solution

Deliver a multi-language career site solution, reinforced by language-specific job search and site navigation capabilities to provide a consistently branded, global candidate experience.

Content Management

Control the content on your career site with the ability to create new pages, edit content sections and manage when pages are published to meet your needs.


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