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Advanced Job Description

Our Advanced Job Description is a fully immersive experience that paints a stunningly clear picture of the position, as well as visually depicting what it takes to be successful in the role – all in one place. Include highly targeted content specifically tied to business objectives, hiring strategies and media campaigns to deliver a complete end-to-end experience and differentiate your jobs from the competition.

  • Quick Hit Job Info

    Provide a quick snapshot of the job type, experience level and travel requirements.

  • Job Rating

    Highlight third-party ratings and salary range.

  • Role Visualization

    Visually represent the desired skills for this role and outline future career paths.

  • Culture

    Highlight your employer brand values, employee testimonials and work environments.

  • Benefits and Rewards

    Feature role-specific benefits and rewards that will pique a candidate’s interest.

  • Influential Content

    Educate candidates before they apply by showcasing influential content that’s specific to the role – like articles, awards, videos and more.

Makes sourcing high-value candidates easier with a tailored experience that delivers more of the right talent.

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