Media that runs on data with one cloud-based platform.

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Powered by the connected intelligence of the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud, our Programmatic Recruitment AdTech leverages enriched network data signals and machine learning to deliver performance-based campaign strategies across all channels. We’ll help you automatically connect with the right talent at the right time to maximize results.

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Audience Extension

Reach active and passive candidates through real-time management of individual jobs across multiple channels and job seeker touchpoints for maximum exposure.

Campaign Automation

Automate marketing campaigns through enriched data-driven platform signals optimized to save you time and resources.

Budgeting Intelligence

Leverage real-time campaign adjustment to create time efficiencies and maximize investment – bid, budget, forecast and optimize.

Business Intelligence

Access the power of our propriety network data, including job classification, benchmarks, priority score and industry expertise to analyze and enhance your data capabilities.

Remarketing Campaigns

Automatically re-engage target candidates to stay top-of-mind and maximize conversion rates.

Prospecting Campaigns

Attract new candidates by delivering your brand message and job opening to hyper-targeted personas including those intuitively developed from visitors to your career site.

End-to-End Data Insights

Gain key conversion metrics with ATS integration and complete life cycle tracking through our end-to-end talent acquisition platform.


The Programmatic Standard

Programmatic Jobs is the new norm as it can adjust to market conditions and optimize campaigns based on your objectives (applications, hires) – ensuring a scalable, flexible solution that maximizes your budget and return on investment.

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