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Last updated October 5, 2023

Our design and development methodologies adhere to standards and guidelines proposed by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and best practices found within the design and development community. By using the most modern and inclusive techniques available, Radancy can craft an experience that is both engaging and accessible to all users.

To learn more about our design and development standards, please visit us on GitHub.

At Radancy, we believe that all of your prospective job candidates, regardless of physical, mental or technological capabilities, have a right to learn more about your company and access all job listings. To preserve an individual’s right to universal access, we attempt to meet as much of WCAG (Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines) 2.2 Level A and AA as possible, within our everyday process. However, if there is a need to fully support a specific level of WCAG or other specific guidelines, please bring this to the attention of your account representative as soon as possible.

Accessibility overlays are not supported, as they are not in line with Radancy’s vision on how best to support people with disabilities in our digital offerings. In our experience, use of these tools may promote ableism, reinforce discrimination and are often perceived, particularly among the disabled and advocacy communities, as a performative commitment to accessibility. Companies using overlays have frequently been subjected to legal actions based on non-compliance with accessibility laws and principles. Upon request, we are happy to share materials addressing the challenges faced by users of websites that include overlays.

If you would like to discuss this issue, along with more proactive, friendly, and sustainable ways to make your careers site accessible to everybody, please reach out to your account representative.

Radancy supports applications on the following operating systems only:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8/8.1 (Upon Request Only)
  • macOS 11 (Big Sur)
  • iOS 16.x
  • iOS 15.x
  • Android 13.x
  • Android 12.x
  • Android 11.x

Radancy supports the current and prior major release versions of all major browsers. Corresponding to the date on which your project has launched, we test all work in the following:

Our development team analyzes global browser market share and client web traffic data on a quarterly basis. Web browser support ends when that browser represents less than 5% of all market share and/or web traffic.

We do not, as a matter of course, support browsers that are not listed within this document. Should your users or company’s browser needs differ, please consult your account representative immediately.

Corresponding to the date on which your project has launched and due to the vast technical differences in email client software, we test all text and HTML based emails in the following primary email client:

  • Gmail Desktop (Latest browser versions only)

Additionally, we test all text and HTML based emails on the following email clients. These may have differences in spacing and sizing of elements that vary from the primary testing email client:

  • Outlook (Latest version of Outlook on Windows 10 only) [Does not support responsive emails]
  • iPhone (Latest version of iOS Mail only) [Not all designs can be built responsively]
  • Gmail Android (Upon Request Only) [Not all designs can be built responsively]

Please note that we do not support browsers that have been modified, run in compatibility mode, or remove code via proxy filtering that is required for the normal operation of your site. Web pages that are modified via a browser extension are also not supported.

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