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Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud

Fully supported in-person and virtual events – with one partner.

Easily create, manage, host and promote branded events that support your entire talent acquisition team. 


Radancy can help you maximize ROI, reduce costs and hire qualified talent faster by eliminating inefficient recruiter efforts through automation, candidate routing, intuitive interview scheduling and simplified event setup – connecting candidates directly with recruiters and hiring managers to grow your talent pool and pipeline.   


From Hi to Apply, the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud enables your company to optimally plan for, identify, attract and hire the diverse skills and talent required to thrive in today’s economy.  


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Fully supported in-person and virtual events – with one partner.

We Help Customers Like These Maximize Their ROI.

  • Technology

    Global technology services employer with 130K+ employees.

  • Logistics

    Global package delivery company with 500K employees.

  • Biopharma

    Biopharma company with 50K+ employees in 70+ countries.

  • Non-Profit Healthcare

    Non-Profit healthcare system with 55K+ employees in 28 US states.

  • CPG

    Global consumer packaged goods company with 400+ brands in 190+ countries.

  • Transportation

    Transportation services employer with 9500+ branches and 10K+ employees.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare organization with 49K+ employees in 14 countries.

  • Retail 

    Retail convenience chain with 75K+ stores in 19 countries.

  • Food & Beverage 

    Beverage company with 125+ brands and 28K+ employees.

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