Flexibility and control that meet your needs.

With Radancy’s Content Management System (CMS), you can adapt quickly to write articles, promote events, share timely content and connect with candidates like never before. CMS is a true extension of your Career Site, further bringing branded assets and optimized content to life. It allows your recruitment team to have more control over your site to create and edit pages exactly when you need them and “go live” in minutes.

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Multi-Language Support

Easily manage content on one website in multiple languages. Each page has a unique URL so users can share and search engines can find them.

Hub Page

Showcase pages created for your career site in one location, filtered by topics, categories, or locations so candidates can easily browse your content.

Customized Content

Use customized page and section templates as building blocks for your pages. Add various job lists, job alert modules, data capture forms, recruiter contact info, and more.

Efficient Solutions

Quickly copy your most successful pages to edit and repurpose for new campaigns. Use dynamic content to edit your site and tie relevant jobs to your new pages.

Smart Analytics

Adapt your content strategies by measuring page activity and reviewing analytics from your overall site in Metrics Gateway.

Brand Identity Protection

Maintain brand integrity and streamline team workflows with two user levels: Editors create pages, and Publishers edit pages to ensure content is on-brand.

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