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Employee Referral Benchmark Study 2023

Our fourth annual global Benchmark Study is here!

A report about employee referral benchmarks

Every year, Radancy collects valuable referral recruiting insights from companies around the world with the aim of providing global benchmarks and comparison standards for employee referral programs. Our Employee Referral Benchmark Study is one of our most important initiatives, and this year, we’ve gathered even more helpful data!

Each year, hundreds of companies worldwide eagerly anticipate its release, as it provides game-changing insights into the effective utilization of referral programs. Download it now and uncover data-driven insights, including:

  • Effective Rewards Strategies
  • The key factors of successful referral programs
  • Ideal hiring rates via referrals
  • Long-term referral success
  • How companies are managing and supporting non-desk workers
  • Hiring in the Healthcare industry

…and much more!

Get Radancy’s 2023 Benchmark Study now and prepare to revolutionize your hiring strategy.

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