Radancy Expands Global Tech Leadership Team With Two Proven Leaders: Jennifer Vaughan and Sara Naveda

NEW YORK, NY – Radancy, the global leader in enterprise talent acquisition software, announced today that its pattern of accelerated growth continues with an expansion of its Tech Leadership team.

By placing both Jennifer Vaughan and Sara Naveda in SVP, Enterprise Solutions positions on the Global Tech Leadership team, Radancy further equips its organization to meet the market’s high demand for a holistic, streamlined and scalable SaaS hiring solution. The Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud represents a definitive step forward in the industry by offering a seamless, integrated platform that optimizes the entire candidate journey to maximize ROI, reducing costs and hiring qualified talent faster.

„With Jennifer and Sara managing Radancy’s Enterprise Solutions teams, we will continue to make a global impact on the industry with our end-to-end SaaS platform that allows companies to hire qualified talent with more cost-efficient outcomes,“ said Mike Littlewood, Chief Revenue Officer for Radancy. „Their proven expertise allows us to broaden the reach and to further share the full spectrum and value of the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud.“

Jennifer Vaughan is an internal Radancy promotion whose career spans more than 20 years with the company – including extensive experience partnering with the most recognizable industry names in healthcare, oil & gas, technology and entertainment. As SVP, Enterprise Solutions, she will lead the Enterprise Solutions team in Radancy’s central division, driving new business growth and introducing innovative, optimized approaches for meeting customers‘ hiring goals.

Sara Naveda has been a pivotal member of Papirfly, a software company specializing in brand automation management, for the past eight years. In her 25+ years of industry experience, Sara has remained at the forefront of talent technology, shaping the ways companies attract and hire qualified talent with continuous innovation. As SVP, Enterprise Solutions for the European business, she will ensure the full market potential of the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud is realized using her demonstrated expertise in executing cost-effective, value-based strategies.

The added leadership of these two qualified professionals also affirms Radancy’s dedication to increased equity in talent acquisition technology:

„While women have been underrepresented in tech roles, Jennifer and Sara represent Radancy’s global commitment to expand opportunities for women at every level of our organization,“ said Michelle Abbey, President and CEO of Radancy. „They each bring decades of experience and proven leadership to their new roles; their work will strengthen our organization and build deeper connections with our customers.“

About Radancy

Radancy is the leading cloud-based talent acquisition software provider intelligently solving the most critical challenges for enterprises globally and delivering cost-efficient outcomes that strengthen their organizations. The Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud, powered by rich data and deep industry insights, optimizes the entire candidate journey, enabling enterprises to hire the most qualified talent faster, while reducing costs and driving higher ROI, recruiter efficiency and an improved candidate experience. For more information visit

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