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Introducing Radancy: Evolving and Unifying Our Brand

NEW YORK (January 26, 2021) – TMP Worldwide, the global talent technology leader, announced today that moving forward it will be known as Radancy. The new brand amplifies their growing commitment to intelligently solving the most critical challenges for many of the world’s largest employers and delivering results that strengthen their organizations. The name and look being introduced convey the energy, optimism and impact the company brings to every client through their innovative platform.

“Talent is the heart and soul of every business. Finding, acquiring and retaining the right people is critical to success. The technologies we develop, the insights we provide and the solutions we deliver touch all areas of our clients’ organizations and truly make them stronger. Our new name and visual identity are a reflection of the connected intelligence we bring to the entire candidate experience journey.” – Matt Lamphear, EVP, Digital Products & Strategy

Unifying the company’s global presence and advanced capabilities under one new brand will help accelerate the growth of both their employees and talent acquisition platform moving forward. New integrations to further deliver an end-to-end, personalized client experience include the social capabilities from Carve, creative and customer service approach from CKR, technology from Maximum and programmatic AdTech from Perengo. And the powerful talent acquisition platform will continue to improve and evolve as Radancy collaborates with clients to make it the preeminent destination for results they can count on.

“Radancy is more than a name. It represents an ongoing transformation within our company, as we continue to integrate new innovations, powerful data-driven technologies and brilliant talent into our organization. We’ve grown exponentially over the years and this change is an opportunity to reinforce our focus and demonstrate our commitment to our people and our clients and their success. And we’re just getting started.” – Michelle Abbey, President & CEO

About Radancy

Radancy is the global talent technology leader intelligently solving the most critical challenges for employers and delivering results that strengthen their organizations. Our unified platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need.

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