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Programmatic AdTech

Powered by the connected intelligence of our unified platform, Radancy’s Programmatic Recruitment AdTech leverages enriched network data signals and machine learning to deliver performance-based campaign strategies across all channels. We’ll help you automatically connect with the right talent at the right time to maximize results.

  • Audience Extension

    Reach active and passive candidates through real-time management of individual jobs across multiple channels and job seeker touchpoints for maximum exposure.

  • Campaign Automation

    Automate marketing campaigns through machine learning and enriched data-driven platform signals optimized to save you time and resources.

  • Budgeting Intelligence

    Leverage real-time campaign adjustment to create time efficiency and maximize investment – bid, budget, forecast and optimize.

  • Business Intelligence

    Access the power of our propriety network data, including job classification, benchmarks, priority score and industry expertise to analyze and enhance your data capabilities.

  • Remarketing Campaigns

    Automatically re-engage target candidates to stay top-of-mind and maximize conversion rates.

  • Prospecting Campaigns

    Attract new candidates by delivering your brand message and job opening to hyper-targeted personas including those intuitively developed from visitors to your career site.

  • End-to-End Data Insights

    Gain key conversion metrics with ATS integration and complete lifecycle tracking through our end-to-end unified platform.

Connect with thousands of job sites, boards and networks including:

  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Nexxt
  • Snag
  • Talroo
  • ZipRecruiter

The Programmatic Standard

Programmatic Jobs is the new norm as it can adjust to market conditions and optimize campaigns based on your objectives (applications, hires) – ensuring a scalable, flexible solution that maximizes your budget and return on investment.

Develop an employer brand strategy that's distinctive and connects you to the right candidates.

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