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Sahan Shrestha

Metrics Analyst

What is your name and current position at Radancy?

Sahan Shrestha – Metrics Analyst

When did you start at Radancy?

September 2019.

Can you describe in 2–4 sentences the work you do at Radancy?

I supply the data whenever the client wants to know how certain campaigns went. I also create and track tags. But right now, the bulk of my work is in data engineering, where I extract data from all media outlets/platforms, then create and update interactive dashboards that empower the clients to access their data and perform their own analyses.

Do you have a work mantra or quote that keeps you motivated?

“Discipline equals freedom.” If I’m disciplined enough to get things done, I have more freedom to do the things that I really want.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying to Radancy?

Maybe I’m just lucky, but during the time I’ve been here, I have not met a single person whom I remotely dislike. Maybe it’s just Radancy’s culture to hire the best people or maybe the culture just brings out the best in them. Also, the 21 days’ PTO plus your birthday off is a great perk.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I’m a data geek by day and a music geek by night. I’m with my guitars whenever I’m not working (sometimes even when I’m working).

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