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Nathan Perrott

VP, Innovation

Nathan Perrott

Can you tell us your career path at Radancy including each role you have held during your time here?

I started my career in the recruitment marketing space in 2001, straight out of university. Until 2010, I’d worked agency-side in client strategy, staring out as an account executive and working my way up to account manager, then account director. In 2010, I decided to take a career break to go travelling with my wife as part of an extended honeymoon – one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

In the time since I returned from travelling, I decided to upskill myself in digital marketing. Things were starting to take off in the digital recruitment marketing space. Social media, content marketing, SEO, responsive web design, TA analytics etc, were all starting to play a bigger role in talent acquisition strategy. It was the right time to upgrade my brain.

I joined Radancy on 22nd August 2011 (the day after my birthday) as an account manager, working on some really exciting early careers projects and careers sites for some amazing brands. I couldn’t believe how many household names we worked with.

After six months or so, I was really keen to explore the digital strategy side of our business more. I was asked by my regional vice president at the time; “If you could write your own job spec what would it look like?”. What I came up with pretty much matched the role of the digital strategist. We didn’t have digital strategists in UK at the time, so I became the first ‘DS’, working alongside Darren Harris who was heading up digital strategy (he’s pretty much done every job at Radancy in his tenure).

In 2014, Darren moved to a different role to head up our London office, and I stepped into his shoes to run our digital marketing function as Head of Digital Marketing Solutions, which included the digital strategy, performance media, and analytics teams, together with the content and social team. This saw me working with the team leads over the years to consolidate our offering and make it more connected to drive better end-to-end strategies for our clients.

As our unified platform has continued to grow at pace over the last few years and the technology became a bigger part of our clients’ strategies, I moved into more of an enterprise solutions consulting role, working with new and existing customers to architect the best possible candidate experience and ensure they get the most out of our platform across careers sites, CRM and programmatic adtech.

You’ve held many different roles during your time here at Radancy. Why do you think Radancy gives employees the ability to try different things to get exposure to various teams and departments?

It comes down to great leadership at the end of the day, and has multiple benefits - to our people, our clients and our business.

Our people experience variety from diverse projects, are exposed to great opportunities for personal development and career pathing (in a non-linear way) and gain a chance to expand knowledge and skillset – not just across our platform and solutions, but also in terms of our knowledge and experience.

Our clients gain from well-rounded expertise and innovation. The broader our experience across different roles, teams, projects and clients, the more connected our strategies can be. That in turn helps drive thought leadership and creativity, which is extremely valuable to our clients. And understanding how each team works can help us empathise with what they have to do, which can sometimes involve quite complex solutions.

Our business benefits from both of the above – retained talent and retained customers is one of the reasons we’re successful. It comes down to relationships at the end of the day, and you can establish great relationships if you gain trust. And we gain trust by being a true partner to our clients.

I’ve had great managers and business leaders during my time at Radancy, who have always listened to me and cared deeply about my career progression, understanding what’s important to me. It’s one of the reasons I’m nearing my 10-year anniversary this August.

Your desire and drive to constantly learn new things is very inspiring. Have your career ambitions widened to include more new elements, or have they narrowed to include only the items that you’re most excited about?

We’re in very exciting times as the pace of technology (and Radancy’s unified platform in particular) is evolving at incredible pace. I feel I’m learning more than I have ever done, and at a quicker pace than ever too. We have to embrace learning to stay relevant, showing curiosity and a hunger to build our knowledge.

The very nature of digital marketing and ‘work tech’ (HR tech + educational tech) means that we have to know about a lot of things and how they connect. But there’s always someone within Radancy who knows that little bit more depth about a particular product or subject, so broad and deep is our subject matter expertise globally. It’s one of the great things I love about working here. The internal network of SMEs and the people who can always provide you with a point of view or a new way of looking at things. There’s always someone you can bounce an idea off.

Given your Radancy experience thus far, it’s impressive to see all that you’ve accomplished. Do you think you would’ve had the opportunity to change roles at other large digital marketing / software companies? Why or why not?

I feel Radancy is the perfect size to experience enough depth within a subject, without having to focus to narrowly, but at the same time being able to explore enough breadth to keep things interesting. But it depends what’s important to you. You can also focus narrowly if that’s important to you.

I always feel like it would be easy to get lost in a big corporate, or to not visibly see the impact you make. Radancy is small enough to feel like a big family, but big enough to be industry-leading in what we do. I don’t feel most large companies are able to facilitate that kind of internal mobility that we have, as they don’t have the same mechanisms in place to enable it.

It’s a very special place to be right now!

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