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Marian Jorda


What is your name and current position at Radancy?

Marian Jorda – Designer

When did you start at Radancy?


Have you had any other positions during your time at Radancy?


Can you describe in 2–4 sentences the work you do at Radancy?

I create a whole bunch of things – from web banners, to web pages, short videos and animations, fliers, and so on. I’ve made a whole range of creative content for a number of clients over the past several years.

How would you define Radancy culture?

The culture here is unashamedly collaborative and supportive. Whatever I need or whatever questions I have, I know I can go to my team for advice, feedback, help, or even to tell a joke or share a meme. Whether work or life gets hard, I know my team has my back.

What drives your passion for the work you do at Radancy?

I like knowing that the work I’m doing is creating a new chapter and opening a new door for someone’s life. It’s fulfilling and encouraging knowing someone can get a job out of the work I’m doing.

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