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Joseph Siotene

Sales Development Representative

Joseph Siotene

What is your role & responsibilities?

I joined the company as an SDR (Sales Development Representative) and I will be focusing on generating new business for the UK and the French markets.

What initially attracted you to apply for your current position at Radancy?

The position advertised was a perfect match to my skills, knowledge and experience. I saw that Radancy was a fast growing company well-established in its field with positive reviews on Glassdoor. The interview experience was also very satisfying.

Since you’ve been here a short while, what is something new you’ve learned so far?

In just a little over two months, I have learned quite a lot. Things such as the importance of an EVP for a company, concepts such as Programmatic AdTech, AJDs (Advanced Job Descriptions) and how to perform an audit on a Career Site.

What do you think is the best part about working at Radancy?

In almost 2 years and a half, I have learned quite a lot: Things such as the importance of using technology to activate a company’s EVP and optimize job visibility. Concepts such as Programmatic AdTech, CRM, AJDs (Advanced Job Descriptions), and also how to perform a digital audit on a Career Site.

One interesting fact about yourself that coworkers do not know?

I am a former professional basketball player and I scored 27 points in the second half of an official basketball game.

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