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Dawn Leng


Associate Creative Director

Dawn Leng!

When did you start working for Radancy?

March 2011

What does your department do?

The creative team helps our clients articulate their Employee Value Propositions and activate their employer brands through concepts and integrated campaigns that speak to the target audience’s needs and wants. Part of that work includes finding creative yet practicable solutions to clients’ unique challenges in talent attraction and retention.

What other roles have you held at Radancy?

Senior Copywriter

What is the best part of working for Radancy?

The way it takes care of its people, and the way people here take care of one another.

What would you tell candidates who apply for a position at Radancy?

It’s a great move.

What is one interesting fact that your co-workers do not know about you?

I was a Sea Scout for a couple of years back in school.

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