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Brock Harrison Austin Barnett

Senior User Interface Developer and Product Liaison

Brock Harrison Austin Barnett

When did you start working for Radancy?

December 19, 2012, as a freelancer and then July 1, 2013, as a full-time employee.

What is your current role and responsibilities?

As a Senior User Interface Developer, my main responsibility is programing the front end, or in layman's terms, the visual part of the websites. As a product liaison, I have the opportunity to work directly with our product team to make sure that the tools exist to meet our clients' needs.

What does your department do?

I am apart of the implementation department and we take the work that the creative department designs and turns the mocks into the personalized websites you see on the web. My department also takes the designs for the emails and codes them to work inside Radancy tools like CRM.

What initially attracted you to apply for your current position at Radancy?

I didn’t originally apply, I had an agency looking for positions for me; they passed along my resume and this position was a perfect match for my current skills. Eventually, I did apply when a full-time opportunity became available as Radancy offered plenty of room for me to expand those skills and two promotions later I am still here.

What do you think is the best part about working at Radancy?

I have learned more about Web development here than I ever learned in college. What’s great about this job is we are always reaching to be the best in our field. So every day there is a new challenge and every day I learn something new..

What's at least one interesting fact about yourself that your coworkers don't know?

I have two middle names. And, if you didn’t notice by my picture, I am into cosplay also known as costume play. Also in my free time, I make YouTube videos.

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