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Russell Miyaki

Chief Creative Officer

What is your name and current position at Radancy?

Russell Miyaki – Chief Creative Officer

When did you start at Radancy?

Started with Rogers & Associates, which was acquired by TMP Worldwide in October 1996

Have you had any other positions during your time at Radancy?

I started as a Sr. Art Director, then became Creative Director while in California. Then I became National Interactive Creative Director. I moved out to the New York office in 2002 where I became National Creative Director. Then in 2006, when we broke away from Monster, I became SVP Creative Services, and just recently I have become Chief Creative Officer.

Can you describe in 2–4 sentences the work you do at Radancy?

I inspire and lead our creative groups worldwide and help support and lead our brand offerings within Radancy. From social content to experiential out-of-home creative.

Do you have a work mantra or quote that keeps you motivated?

When you go above and beyond, and strive to do excellent work that exceeds expectations. When you come through time and time again for others. When you see positive solutions in the most negative situations. When you focus on making those around you superstars. You help them to grow and enjoy the success. This is what makes good leaders excel on a higher altitude of greatness. The rewards come from so many different levels.

What's the best lesson you've learned at Radancy?

One of the great things I have learned about working here is that you are truly empowered to go beyond the call in everything you do. You are encouraged and inspired to take on new things and responsibilities and run with it. This is an example of cross-competency empowerment in which you learn and grow through diverse challenges and situations outside your role area. You are recognized and rewarded by helping each other out no matter what role, or project.

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