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Liz White

Account Director

What is your name and current position at Radancy?

Liz White – Account Director

When did you start at Radancy?

Summer 2018

Have you had any other positions during your time at Radancy?

Yes, I've also worked as an Account Executive and Senior Account Executive.

Can you describe in 2–4 sentences the work you do at Radancy?

I partner with clients on both a strategic and tactical level to implement dynamic and effective recruitment marketing solutions. Whether I’m partnering with clients, a direct report, or other team members, I make sure things are running smoothly and positively.

How would you define Radancy culture?

Radancy’s culture is collaborative. Everyone at Radancy is always willing to answer questions, give advice, or jump in when another team member needs assistance. I’ve never felt alone or unsupported in my work at Radancy.

What's the best lesson you've learned at Radancy?

I've learned how to balance working from home while staying connected to my teammates.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Radancy has been my favorite step in my career so far. I feel absolutely supported, rewarded and valued at every turn.

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